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When in Doubt, Go to the Library

I currently hold my BFA in Scenic Design from the College of Santa Fe, and have one year of study at Florida State University in a Masters program in Sociocultural and International Development Education Studies. At the moment, I'm applying to law schools and waiting to hear back, but next year I should be back in school studying law. My main interests are copyright and entertainment law, though I have a range of other interests, so it's hard to say exactly where I'll end up in the long run in the legal field. Until then, I work at CVS as a Pharmacy Technician. Yes, I count pills for a living. Let me tell you, it's a thrill a minute! (not)

Beyond that, I'm a bookworm, an amateur photographer, and an utter geek. I like science fiction and fantasy, a selection of manga and anime, video games (particularly survival horror), and philosophy (making my brain swim is FUN!). I'm also a huge music fan, from musical theatre, to mostly 60s and 70s western music, to JRock. In addition, I place electric bass, alto saxophone (though I'm out of practice), and sing (I'm a mezzo/belter, in case you're wondering).

12012, acting, akira yamaoka, anime, anne mccaffery, avenue q, bass, books, british comedy, chamber of secrets, children's literature, classic lolita, computers, costume construction, d'espairsray, dacco, defying gravity, design, dir en grey, drafting my own designs, drawing, duel jewel, echostream, edward elric, embroidery, fantasy, fellowship of the ring, figure drawing, films, fma, friends, frolicking, fruits basket, fsu women's basketball, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, george rr martin, girugamesh, goblet of fire, gothic aristocrat, gothic lolita, harry potter, hide, homunculus, honey & clover, horseback riding, horses, horseshows, html, hughes, into the woods, j-rock, j.k. rowling, jane yolen, jk rowling, johnny depp, jrock, kaggra, krock, lighting design, lolita, lord of the rings, lotr, luna sea, maes hughes, malice mizer, merry, miyavi, model building, momiji, movies, mu*ing, mucc, music, neil gaiman, newbery award, number theory, order of the pheonix, ouran highschool host club, pastels, philosopher's stone, philosophy, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, plays, prisoner of azkaban, psycho le cemu, punk lolita, purple, reading, remus lupin, rentrer en soi, return of the king, rio, riza hawkeye, robert jordan, rock, roleplaying, roy mustang, rping, ryouko, saddlebrook farms, saddleseat, sailor moon live action, saxophone, scene design, science fiction, sewing, shakespeare, shinya, showtunes, silent hill, silliness, singing, sondheim, spamalot, spiral, stained glass, star trek, street style, sugizo, susan cooper, swimming, tales of desperaux, tea, teaching, technical theatre, the dark is rising, the giver, the princess bride, the tempest, theatre, theatre history, theatrical design, tim burton, tolkien related things, two towers, ursula k leguin, versailles, vidoll, violet uk, visual kei, web design, wheel of time, wicked, x japan, yoshiki, young actors theatre